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I use the built in CMS system a lot in Sharepoint, both for external and internal websites. It’s easier to build templates for the user so that they are able to create news and stuff fast. There are some irritating stuff regarding that function though. Attach a file or insert a picture are really a disaster, not for me but for the user! I mean, how many steps are there for this? I have tried to insert an upload-button but that did not work so I gave up.

Let’s say that your user actually did manage to find the hyperlink button and managed to upload a file from the hard drive then you must first close the window that displays that the file is uploaded (why??? just add a script that closes that window… or?? totally confusing for the user) then you MAY find yourself be in the wrong library.. Yes. Why isn’t there a feature or function that returns the user to the correct library – the one that belongs to the site, and NOT the latest you opened. And what else could happen? You upload the file to a library where the readers dont have access. Omg. Really thought through function. But the most annoying thing is the window where you see your uploaded files, they are sorted… ascending!! So every f*ing time I attach a file and I have looots of files in those libraries I have to set the filter to descending or browse to the end of the library to find my files (fastest is to filter in descending, but how tiring isnt this?). I have really looked for a solution that at least sorts my uploaded files in descending order so that my uploaded file is the first file in the list.

These are things that make you so tired of Sharepoint, it could be such a great application but sometimes it sucks.

Anyone who knows a “solution” to this?

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Tack släkten!!

Igår var släkten här och firade, vi hade supertrevligt och dom sista nattsuddarna åkte taxi hem runt midnatt. Tack för alla fina lyxiga presenter, mycket mycket uppskattade!! Kvällen gick så jäkla fort, och mitt i allt kom det ner tre coola Falun grabbar som skulle hämta min lilla Toya… så nu är bilen såld och saknad :=). Om växeln jag fick har täckning så sålde jag den för 140.000 – annars så har jag fått 10… för det fick jag kontant hehe. Men jag känner mig lugn, det var supertrevliga killar som har kört 120 mil för att hämta en bil genom ett snöigt Dalarna ner till ett soligt Småland. Hoppas allt gick bra på hemresan, den var nog inte klar förrän 4 imorse!
Tillbaka till kebabtallriken och soffan, kram!!

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Tack tjejerna!!

Var bara tvungen att klämma in följande meddelande trots att jag inte bloggar längre 🙂
Nu har presentkortet från Skansen kommit, tack snälla ni!! Jag ser verkligen fram emot vårt besök där! Stora kramar till er 🙂

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Character settings in mail from InfoPath

I don’t really know how to explain this error correctly but what happens is that when you receive a mail via InfoPath Forms Services it is not presented with any swedish characters “ÅÄÖ” but instead it uses like wing dings or something. It looked like this:

But after changing the setting “Web application outgoing email settings” in Central Administration (on “Application management”) it displays correctly. Every web app was set to Unicode so I change it to 1252 Western European Windows, and voila – you can now read the mail without having to change the coding:

Thank you Scott Heim at Microsoft!
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Sharepoint Services Timer hangs

This is really irritating. The service Windows Sharepoint Services Timer regularly hangs on the server, which leads to that no alerts are sent out. And you cannot just restart the service, that wont help, you must stop and start the service. Weird. Yet another issue to add to the list…

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Error 5760 in Event Viewer regarding InfoPath

Microsoft is working on my case to solve the issue I have with attachments in InfoPath. Today I found this error registered in Event Viewer on the MOSS server:

Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Office SharePoint ServerEvent
Category: Forms Services Runtime
Event ID: 5760
Date: 2008-05-02
Time: 08:57:11
User: N/A
Computer: SRVXXX
Description:InfoPath Forms Services has detected a mismatch between the user’s data in the browser and on the server. This may indicate the SESSION_STATE_PASCAL_CASED is not configured properly on a multiple front end farm or that a malicious user is trying to tamper with client data. (User: domainxx, Form Name: Testform, IP: , Request: https://xxx/_layouts/FormServer.aspx?XsnLocation=https://xxx/Testform/Forms/template.xsn&SaveLocation=, Form ID: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:Testform:-myXSD-2008-04-29T14-39-23)
For more information, see Help and Support Center at

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Cannot open Infopath attachments in Outlook 2007

I have built an InfoPath form and web enabled it. Users fill in the form in Internet Explorer and attach a file to it. When they press the “Save” button, a mail is sent to some receivers in Outlook. When they try to open the form, they get the following error:

Enlarged error:
I will try to translate the above error message here: “Infopath cannot open the following file c:documents….” “The file is not a valid xml file”. “The form contains XML that cannot be parsed”. An invalid character was found in the content” and then it complains on the formatting of my attachment field which in this case is “fält2”.
After I press OK on the error message the form opens up as a normal mail, and not in InfoPath as expected:
As you can see, the mail attachment has been converted to an empty textbox!
The attachment is removed, because if I try to open the attached form.xml file I get the same error in InfoPath.
This happens to ALL types of files, except .txt files. If the user attach a .txt file and the form is opened in Outlook, it opens correctly and you can see that attached file:
I have this case at Microsoft right now, and will tell you the solution to this as soon as I get it.
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Victory over SBS, YES!

Yes, today I have been fighting with a customers small business server – but I won!! What I did? The most dreaded – uninstalled WSS 2 on a SBS server and installed a fresh WSS 3 version. Everything went perfect until I wanted to give the new portal a hostname. Did not work. Every hostname or IP just redirected to the ugly Companyweb (even if I updated AAM in CA). Crazy. I ended up adding a new IP-address to the server and dedicate the new portal to that address instead. Removed all “old” shit in the IIS like old application STS-pools and stuff. In this order: added a new IP, added a new record in DNS pointing to that IP, changed the IIS web site to the new IP, added a new AAM-record in Central Administration. IISreset. Worked like a charm 🙂 You just have to do things in the correct order, or everything will freak out. Now I just need a SSL cert and all is done. And me too…

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