How to handle CTB Locker virus on O365

A customer had some libraries synced from SharePoint in Office365 to the local computer, and unfortunately clicked a link in a mail that contained the virus (or malware or whatever its called) CTB Locker which “encrypted” all the files in the synced library. The files could not be opened, two files called “How to decrypt the files” were added into the library, the file icon got the unassociated look and the computer name was added at the end of the file:


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Send a document to your OneDrive

Okey so this solution is nice if you have permissions and can do stuff in your SP environment.

I want to be able to send documents directly from the intranet or any other site in SharePoint to my OneDrive, without having to download the document first (which feels really old to do). But there is no way currently to do that in Office365, unfortunately. So I thought that changing the OneDrive site to have a “Drop off library” and use the Content Organizer to do this for me. Then you will find this Send to action in the ribbon of any document library!

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Hello WordPress :)

Welcome visitor! I have moved my blog to WordPress and my own domain My former felt old and not responsive 😉 So time to refresh! I love WordPress, so many templates and widgets and plugins!

Hope you like it. Will start posting some proper articles soon also 🙂

Best regards Lise