IE 8 and compatibility view

I installed Internet Explorer 8 yesterday – yeah a bit late, I know 🙂 Entered a customers site that I have built on MOSS and paniced a little when I found out that the drop down menus where… white!! No, not again. Not another strange issue with my customized drop down menu… the last time I had issues with the menu was in the Safari browser and then I had to do this. …. Hm, then I thought about a setting that I had checked when installing IE 8 and that was the compatibility view setting. That if a site has been built for older versions then you could enable this view to make the site look better (well, in my case – worse!). So by simply disable the compatibility view, the drop down menus looked alright again. Phew….

This is how the drop down menu looked like while the browser had Compatibility View enabled:

There is a new button to the left of “Refresh” in your address bar when you enable this view:

When you enable it, it gives you the following message:

I simply clicked on the button for Compatibility View and the menu looked normal again:

So I right clicked on the toolbar in IE 8 and disabled the compatibility view.

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Menu customization in WSS

I activated flyout menus on a WSS site today, and everything works fine – except ONE thing.. Why is it always like that with Sharepoint that when you win some – you loose some?? I have branded the menu and before I activated flyouts, the selected menu (that is, the ACTIVE menu) was showing the right background image (a darker image). But after – and this is interesting – the selected menu does not display the “over” image but instead it is the “Home” menu that looks like the selected one. I wrote my own class in my css file to make it override but that did not effect the style so I probably have to explore the sp asp menu object a bit more…

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Top navigation not loading in Safari

I got error reports that the Safari browser did not load the dropdown menus in SP top navigation menu. I use dropdown menus on a site that I have built on MOSS for a public web site (PF). It looked like this in the Safari browser:

As you can see, there is a large white area where the dropdown menus was supposed to be loaded. So I rebuilt the site and tried it in Safari, and all worked well. Since that was a bit strange, I started making comparisons. Turns out (after a couple of hours digging….) that it had to do with the IIS! Quite unexpected… I had two headers, one that had the SP port and one that used port 80. BUT on the port 80 no default header was entered, like the full hostname, so when I entered the URL to the site on the port 80 – magic! The dropdown menu was loaded and the site worked again:

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