Episode 14 of WitGirls Podcast SharePoint is on FIRE!!

We have followed Ignite from Stockholm of course and discuss some of the news (there were so many this year!) around SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams and some more… We need an extra show about the news only! You can watch all the on-demand sessions at  https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/videos.

Lise has worked as an extra for two different tv-shows and one of them will go up on Netflix next March, we will post more info on that then! ?

We are very proud to announce that we have our own theme music now and it’s made by Mikael Wejsflog, THANK YOU so much for this, we love it!!! You can hear the full track on our Soundcloud page on https://soundcloud.com/user-61240900.

If you like our podcast, please rate us in iTunes, we would be so happy!
Thank you for listening!
Cheers from Lise (@sharepointbabe) and Christina (@bananisen) and we are @witgirlspod on Instagram.

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Help us improve WitGirls Podcast!

We have recorded 8 episodes of the WitGirls Podcast now and we think it is time to hear your opinion about the podcast! So that we can improve it, maybe talk about something that you would like us to discuss and you can suggest a guest even. We would be very grateful and happy if you wanted to answer a few questions and also rate the podcast. We really appreciate your feedback and comments – good as bad ?

The survey is anonymous but you can fill in contact information if you want us to contact you. Link to survey is found HERE

Thank you very much for taking time to answer these questions!

Cheers from Lise & Christina

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WitGirls Podcast

I have launched a podcast called “WitGirls Podcast” and it will be hosted by me and my friend Christina. We have both long experience from working with SharePoint/Office365 and also from working within the IT business. I also listen to a lot of podcasts, but there aren’t so many in this world that is run by women. So I thought it could be fun to start sharing our experience and also we will invite guests to the show. In the first two episodes we present us, our background and what we work with. In upcoming shows we will invite guests and also deep dive into issues or apps that we are working on. Or topics related, there aren’t really any rules – I don’t like rules – and we can talk about whatever we feel like. If you would like to be our guest, contact us at witgirlspod@gmail.com. Read more on our website witgirlspod.wordpress.com. You can listen to us on SoundCloud or iTunes. Hope you will enjoy the show, and remember – it’s our thoughts and opinions in the podcast, not Microsoft’s or any other product’s views. We do not have any sponsor. This is for fun and I strongly believe that sharing is caring! Hope to see you on a SharePoint somewhere! Cheers!

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