SharePoint Online!

I got an account to SharePoint Online (with mr Z’s song ringing in my head)! And of course you want to change to a new master page to get rid of the ugly boring usual interface. Easy. Just open SD and enter the URL to the site. Change to your customized master page and you are back to the old days when all customization took place in SharePoint Designer. And I who just got rid of that and only brands via site def’s now. Hmm.

One thing happened when I changed to a new master page: You must enter a line of code inside the Body tag to link to the Privacy Statement for Online Services, otherwise you will get an error on your Default page:

Follow the link that is displayed with the error:

Copy the line of code on this page:

Put it inside the Body tags on your customized master page (I used one of the four samples that you find here. I have used those templates before and they are nice to start with if you want even more customizations and branding on your site):

Save your changes and there you go:

I guess you can always hide those links within a div tag with the display:none set if you don’t want them on your page (they are listed up in the top left corner on your default page).
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Dropdown with URL in onchange

If you want to create a dropdown list with onchange event to dynamically go to selected URL then do this:

Use Sharepoint Designer
Insert Data View
Select Show Data
Select which field that should be displayed in the drop-down list
Insert Data
Change layout to “Drop-down view style”
Click OK
Change to Code view in Designer
Put the following code before the /head> tag:

script language=”JavaScript”>


Then find the following in your code
select name=”ID” size=”1″12
Change that to
select name=”ID” size=”1″ onchange=”FP_jumpMenu(this,’window’,false)”>

Then find
option style=”display:{$GroupStyle}”
Change to
option style=”display:{$GroupStyle}” value=”{@FieldWithURL}”>
where FieldWithURL is the link that you want to go to

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Hide controls on a publishing page

When you build publishing pages in Sharepoint Designer you may want to hide some fields while it’s in read mode. I usually want to hide fields like “Archive date”, “Target group” and so on, and to do that you simply put them in an Edit panel. Now the fields are visible in edit mode, but hidden in read mode. That’s really neat, since it’s ugly to have a lot of fields when the page is in read mode. But I still want to be able to use the content of those “hidden” fields to sort the pages, or to filter information. Useful!

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