About me

Hello and welcome to my blog 😊

My name is Lise Rasmussen and I am the author of this blog. I have worked with SharePoint for more than 20 years. In 2022 I started working at Microsoft Sweden as a Cloud Solution Architect within Modern Work and my focus now has shifted from SharePoint to Power Platform and Copilot which is super exciting – it’s always fun to learn new things! At Microsoft I help our customers building/solving problems in PowerApps, Power Automate and to govern the Power Platform. I run workshops and hold webinars within this skill area too.

I believe that #SharingIsCaring and that’s why I launched the WITGirls Podcast in 2017 (WIT stands for WomenInTech), where I shared news and experiences from working as an IT consultant. This podcast has now ended, but you can listen to the episodes here: https://sharepointbabe.com/witgirls-podcast-all-episodes/

In my free time I love concerts, music is a BIG part of my life and have always been and Stockholm is a perfect city for music lovers! A few years ago I started a site https://www.gigz.se where I promoted gigs locally in Stockholm but it took too much time to maintain the site unfortunately so I had to end it. But you always learn something from everything that you do!

Being creative is important to me and in my free time I work with a streaming site that me and my partner has created – https://www.zeezome.com. On that site you will find independent movies that you can rent and stream, so check it out! We also made a movie in 2023 “In the Shadow of the Horns” that you can watch on that site. Moviemaking was the best thing I have ever done!

Oh, and if you need some cool 3D graphics, or videos with green screen or any other motion graphics then you can visit our other site that we launched in 2024 https://www.istockvideos.com We produce all content on the site, and we can also create custom content for you!

Lots of things going on! I hope you enjoy my blog and your feedback is most welcome, so please feel free to comment on my posts.

Contact me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/lise_raz/) or Facebook.

Thank you for visiting and take care 🤗

/Lise Rasmussen