Create a content type for Word

I love content types in Sharepoint. I use them when I create new publishing pages, new templates, new columns and yeah that’s it. So useful and powerful. Change in one place – update all others!

If you want to publish a Word template to a library you… that’s right – create a new content type and associate your library with it. If you make any changes to your template, all libraries that use that template are…. updated!

Do this:
Site Actions, Site Settings, Modify All Site Settings
Click on ”Site content types” and ”Create”
Create a new with the name of your template, ie “Agreement”
Select ”Document Content Type” as Parent Type, and ”Document”
Put your content type in a new group with your company’s name for example (this is so that you know which content types you have created and you will also find them easier)
Click OK (needed for any dummies :))
Click on ”Advanced settings” and select the template that should be associated with this content type by clicking on ”Upload new document template”
You don’t have to mark it as readonly, but do select that it should be updated.
Open the document library where you want to use this new content type and do:
Click on ”Document library setttings” and select ”Advanced settings”
Activate ”Allow management of content types”
Click OK
On the middle of that page a new group is visible. Click on ”Add from existing site content types”
Select your group (your company name for example) and get your new content type
That was not so many steps…. 🙂
Now, when you look at your “New”-button in your library the new button “Agreement” should be visible! You can also metatag those templates with their own metatags, if you want to use several templates in the same library. Cool!

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