BDC part 2

The struggle with the BDC (Business data catalog) continues and so far I am able to return a search result inside the Editor, but still not in Sharepoint. I think it has to do with the authentication. I use PassThrough, since WindowsCredentials needs SSO (which I have not enabled on the server). Here are some printscreens of what I have done this far. I have installed the Business Data Catalog Editor that comes with the SDK (read here). After the connection string is set, I am able to select the table that I want to get data from:

Uncheck the fields that you want to exclude from the query and press OK. Press OK again to confirm the connection. Now your entity is created:

Make sure that the “PassThrough” authentication is selected. Test the bdc file by opening the “Parameter” and “Instance” and select the instance. Rightclick and select “Execute”. Enter a value, for example a customer number and make sure that a value is returned:

Export the xml file. And then, import the xml file to Sharepoint (application definition file):

The import:

You will get an error message about the profile page, but nevermind. The message is “Could not create profile page for Entity NaB Solutions AB$Customer. The error is: Cannot create a new connection to closed Web Part g_c01d1f2b_0382_45a2_ad6e_07ce86936b3a”. But, this is obviously not an error to care about. It is just a warning! Press OK to continue.

Now, go to your website and add the webpart for Business Data. Lets start with a list, enter a new column and select “Business data” as type. Enter the instance and select the fields you wish to display:

In my list, if I try to enter a character, it says that no exact match was found. If I click on the “more items” then it is empty as well:

And the “picker” where you can browse, is not selectable and there is no data in the column:

So I skip the list and select a webpart instead. The first web part is the Business Data Items. And that gives me the following error (Business data catalog object not found). I have tried them all Business Data List, Business Data Item etc but noone gives me any data:

None of the webparts displays any data. So I figured that something was changed in the xml file while I imported it. So I exported the file from Sharepoint and imported it back into the Editor. Tried the Execute, it works.

This error turns up in Event Viewer but I don’t know how to correct it – yet:

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I am also facing the same issue. Can any body help me on this.



Any solution t this problem?