How fast can you brand a site :)

Tonight I built a site definition with a brand new design for a WSS site, easy. Took me about three hours to rebuilt it totally – both the default.aspx and the core.css. Of course I didn’t edit the core.css, but called my file hardcore.css! I am used to work with MOSS and the master pages which is very straight forward and where you just enable publishing features on the site and get all the design elements by selecting your master page. With a site definition you have all the files in the 12 hive instead and put them all together in a definition package and activate them as a feature. Should be faster to load the design using site definition compared to loading a master page. What do you think??

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Yes, but you are only talking about a technical aproach. A branding could be done quick yes – but to have it really good looking, web 2 faced and a goood accesibility and thats a lot of time…


Thanks for posting!Yes you are right. What I didnt write in that blog post was that I had all the design elements made for me. So I only had to implement them, and that is quite fast when you have done that a couple of times 🙂 You know, what’s the classes for the left menu, bottom margins yada yada. And I am also talking about the css files – only! In my latest project I put about 100 hours to brand an extranet, but that was complete with features, lots of different master pages, themes etc. But that’s another… Read more »