Search Server Express 2008 on a WSS farm NO NO

That will NOT work! Even if it says so when you read about it… or does it? Quite unclear information on MS pages I would say. But after having installing, trying to make it work, uninstalling, and install again I finally got an answer to why it didn’t work:

So, do NOT install the advanced option of Search Server Express 2008 if you have a WSS 3 server farm. It will NOT work! So bad for me it had to take 2 days and nights to find that out… I thought that the issue with Search was that we are using Basic Authentication on our sites, since that is a problem as well. My work right now only consists of troubleshooting, errors, ugly sessionstate errors in web.config files etc. Read article on issues with using Basic Auth and Search here:
Now I will try to reinstall SSEX using Basic installation and not the Advanced….
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I have run on similar problem.

But after uninstalling i tried to install search server 2008 express again, but i don’t get “basic” option. It automatically goes to advanced option.

I think that unistall didn’t remove value from registry, what type (advanced) i chosed at first installation.

Can anyone help?

Nils Sensken

i ´have installed SearchServer2008Exon an existing WSS Farm….no Problems here


Hi Nils,

Cool! I will give it another shot next time I install a wss server farm.