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A search on “All sites” returns results, but when you select the “This site: xxx” no results are returned:

Match your default zone url in Alternate Access Mappings with the url used in the Content source, then you will fix this issue.

A clarification: This issue concerned a MOSS server, not a WSS installation.

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Where would I find the “Content Source”?


Hi Darren!

First I need to ask you if you are running on a MOSS or WSS?
Cause this issue concerns when you run MOSS. In a WSS installation you dont have Content Sources.
It belongs to the SSP section! If you run a MOSS server, then enter the Shared Services section and click on “Search settings”, then you will find “Content source” there.
Best regards, Lise


Hello Lise. Thanks for the quick response.

We are running on WSS. I’m completely new to this whole thing after our sharepoint person left the company. The search is working on 1 of our 3 web applications. The two not working come up with the message in your original post.

I’ve made sure they are all pointing to the corect search server and I’ve stopped and started the search service with no luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Actually, this sounds like an AAM issue. Have you checked that all headers are listed in your AAM, Alternate Access Mappings? You find a link to that under “Operations” in Central Administration.
Another thing to check:
– Click on “application management” in CA, click on “Content databases” and then select the web app that does not return any results (up in the right corner, a yellow select box, select the web app) and click on the database name link, select “Index server” and select your WSS server.
Good luck!


I had checked they were all listed in AAM.

There is no “Index Server” field when I’m in managing the Content Database Settings. There are 4 sections.

1.Datatbase Information section and the only changeable field is to select “Ready” or “offline.”

2.Database Capacity section which has 2 fields one for warning events and the other for maximum sites.

3.Search Server section where I have the WSS search server listed.

4.Remove Content Database section where there is a “Remove Content Database” Checkbox.