Filter on secondary data sources in InfoPath

I have built many forms in InfoPath 2007 and you always find new interesting issues to deal with =)

When you think you have found a brilliant solution, then you can be sure that there is an obstacle when it comes to web enabled forms. So it works with filter on data sources.

I wanted to drag and drop a secondary data source to my form, but I wanted it to show only values that matched a field value in my form. Let me clear: only values in the data source that belonged to the current user should be displayed in the repeating table. Easy, I thought and clicked the “Value” button and then the “Filter data…”. Got this error message:

Hmm after hours of trixing with setting the field from other fields and so on, I disabled the web enabled layout. Now you may press the “Filter data…” button and set your filter. Web enable the form again, publish it and just press the “Ignore error messages” and continue with the publishing…. It worked!

So that error message is BS. I have saved the form, and all data remains in the form.

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Hey Lise I stumbled across your site while I was looking for a solution for filtering while using Web enabled forms. I must admit when I read your post saying ignore the warnings disable web and then re enable it, I thought, 'no way, that's never gonna work' but yep it did. Like yourself, my form seems to be working fine even with some quite complicated processes and external feed filtering going on. Although I very pretty happy with the results, I can't quite get the thought that this while turn around and bite me at some point. I was… Read more »


Hi Ryan!
Thank you for posting. No, I have not seen any drawbacks so far.
I do have Script errors in my forms, but that is more related to the amount of data that is being returned, and not the fact that this is used.
But I will of course post here if I do find any unwanted consequences..
Take care