An error has occured in Excel Web Services

So, Excel Web Services, if you really choose to use that feature and web part (I would not recommend it, there are so many other better solutions to display sheets!) then you might run into some issues. And it is really slow in performance. Well, it was up and running, and lots of users wanted it. Fine, no problems, added the trusted locations on the server and so on. Then one day it stopped and displayed this:

“An error has occured”:

Don’t you just love those instructive and informative error messages in SharePoint???

So, dug into Event Viewer and started scanning. Yup, there were errors but none of them related to this. Thought back of recent installations/changes to the environment and so on, and remembered that the web.config had been altered due to a third party web part installation. And that web part was never used, so I opened my web.config and went through the changes, and the only thing I could relate to this error was the proxy settings. So I changed the proxy setttings back from:

To this:
And yes, there was the solution (the customer does not use a proxy server, and if that had been the case then this error probably would never occure).
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