Upgrade iLoveSharePoint Workflow actions for SPD to 2013

After test upgrading my Project Portal, I was not able to edit the custom workflow I had built in SPD using the iLoveSharePoint Workflow action from Codeplex (which is awesome btw).

I struggled a bit with this today but finally found the perfect solution if you want to upgrade this workflow action for SharePoint 2013. I use this workflow action to automate the creation of project sites at our company intranet and find it very useful.

So first start with adding and installing the wsp file again on the SP 2013 server:

Add-SPSolution d:xxx.wsp (where ever you store the wsp file)
Install-SPSolution iLoveSharePoint.Workflow.Activities.wsp -GACDeployment -CompatibilityLevel {14, 15}

Then you need to also edit the web.config file (and I have had to do this for all my custom wsp files) and move this section:

into the “targetFx” section:

I did an IISRESET right after, and then made sure it got deployed in “Farm solutions” in CA.

When you open the workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010, this is what it should look like:

But when you open it in SPDF 2013 you will have to add back the custom actions, they are gone of course. So add back the custom actions, make sure the workflow looks like it should and publish it again to your site:

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where can i get ilovesharepoint.workflow.activities.wsp file can yu help me out finding this



I tried to follow your explanations and I succeed to deploy the solution but when I try to publish a workflow I get the following error message :
(0, 10) The type or namespace name 'ILoveSharePoint' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?))
(17, 16) The type or namespace name 'ILoveSharePoint' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?))

Jeremy Bennett

I had to explicitly point to c:tempILoveSPBabe.wsp to get that error message to go away

Lise Rasmussen

Haha!! Thanks Jeremy 😉


Thanks. This article is the only reason I was able to install on our SharePoint 2013 on Prem 🙂

Where is the web.config file?