SOLVED: “Open with explorer” disabled in IE11

SOLVED: “Open with explorer” disabled in IE11

I found that this button was disabled because of this line in my Master Page – I am using Bootstrap theme from Codeplex and that comes with its own master page.
What I had to do was change this line in the header from:
 to (taken from Seattle master page)
And now, the button is enabled and working!
I have an issue with Internet Explorer 11 and SharePoint 2013. The option “Open with explorer” is disabled, it works in IE10 but not IE11:

I have tried all possible solutions:
– added the site to Compatibility View settings
– added the site in Local intranet
– checked the add-ons
– checked that the local service WebClient was started
– I am running the 32-bit version
– the kb 2846960 is installed (
And obviously it is working in Internet Explorer 10. Maybe there is a new hotfix or something that needs to be installed, have googled this but not found any proper solution yet.
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Can you please mention what were the lines you changed ?


Thanks! We had this issue with a custom master page that is also utilizing bootstrap and, after restarting IE, the Open with Explorer control was no longer disabled. We have seen this with IE 11, and the issue can be manually worked around by setting the compatibility mode of IE via the Developer Tools: In our case, the of our master page contained two of these declarations: We had to remove the ‘edge’ instance for ours to work. For reference of anyone else who finds this while looking for why the Open with Explorer box is disabled on some… Read more »


Can you please tell me what lines you changed in bootstrap-3 server master with Seattle master. I am having same issue


Lise Rasmussen

Hi Jay
I can't really remember what I did, this was more than a year ago (the date in this blog post is not correct, it was imported from my other blog). But I think I had to "emulate" the browser version by changing from IE11 to IE10 in this line:

meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10"

in the HEAD section.
Hope this helps,
BR Lise


Hi Lise,

this solved the IE11 problems in our environment. Thanks for publishing this information!

BR Karin