About the SPBiz Online Conference concept

About the SPBiz Online Conference concept

Just a quick word about the concept of the 2 day conference I just attended, the SPBiz hosted by Collaboris.

Online conferencing is great for so many reasons: no travel and hotel costs, the conference sessions started after work hours so you could enjoy it the entire evening (at least in my time zone), it’s good for the environment and the platform they had built for the conference was great! You had a list of all sessions and could just “Add to plan” and they were rolled up on the “My sessions” page. Easy to get an overview on what sessions you wanted to follow AND you can watch or jump several sessions at the same time. And later on, you can see the sessions again since they will be OnDemand.

Of course there are always tech problems with some lagging, audio out of sync, some users had browser problems etc, but I did not have so much of that so I think my Surface Pro and Chrome worked perfect for this!

The guys at Collaboris are amazing to work with, I did that when I was working with their product DocRead – which is one of the best 3rd party product I’ve come across. Easy to install, easy to setup, easy for the users to understand and it rarely fails. If it does, you have the best support from Mark and Hugo at Collaboris. Always quick to help and come up with new solutions! Like for instance, when I used replication software and it accidently deactivated the Site Collection Feature for DocRead which caused all records to be deleted, (we could restore so no bigger problem but anyway), but they changed that feature later so if it gets deactivated nothing will be removed in the system so no worries about that anymore. So, again, great support and great team there.

Another great thing is that you can lay on the couch, or enjoy a glass of wine at my bar and watch all sessions J

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