I have deactivated my Facebook account…

First I would like to thank the people who liked my SharePointBabe Facebook page! But I have decided to leave Facebook on which I have had an account since 2008, because I think it has turned into a real spam place and it feels like such a waste of valuable life time to scroll through the endless noise that is on the facebook news wall. And I must say, it feels like I’ve left a cult or something 🙂 I have really

thought long about this decision, do I dare to leave the biggest social area online and will I loose contact with my friends if I leave?? Will other people think I am weird if I leave, and will I be left out of Events and Groups and what someone ate the other day or if their cat did a cute thing? And I thought that I can really live without all that noise! Theonly thing that is hard to separate from is Messenger. That is just a brilliant app! But of course you must be a Facebook user (at least yet, in other countries you can add your mobile number and use it) and that is so sad, because I used that app a LOT. So why not just use Messenger you might think, well the thing is that if you go in there you will also visit Facebook at the same time, it just works like that. So I made the choice to sacrifice Messenger, buhuu 🙂

How do I keep in contact with my friends now then? Well, I think that 50% of my “friends” on Facebook are “connections” like on LinkedIn. That means, that I don’t really hang out with these people like I do with my friends, they are more acquaintances like old collegues, someone I met in a bar, someone in the SharePoint business, and these people I have on other social media like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn so I will still have them somewhere in my life. Which is good, my point with leaving Facebook is not to loose my friends or connections!! Itis to get out of the constant scrolling of the Facebook news feed that doesn’t give me any satisfaction! I’d rather scroll Twitter where there actually are real news and interesting users and hashtags that I can follow. On Facebook I have to scroll through all other peoples hobbies or activities, of which I might have no interest. On Twitter I can choose what I want to follow, and it’s just so easy to click Follow or Unfollow – you will not offend anyone by unfollowing people (like when you unfriend on Facebook, that is a total different thing…) and you don’t have to confirm if someone wants to follow you. So simple and brilliant.

But I started with small steps, I must admit, I did not DELETE my Facebook account, I only DEACTIVCATED 🙂 Cult, like I said, a bit brainwashed thinking that I might loose a whole part of my personality or life if I leave… 😉 So who knows when I can take the next step? Maybe I will regret this and crawl back with the tail between my legs and give in to Facebook later but right now it just feels good. I think I have saved at least 1,5 hours just today by not having Facebook! Something to think about. Instead, I took a long powerwalk, listening to an interesting podcast that talks about something that I like and that was a better invested 1,5 hours for me.

So, if you want to follow me now, and I hope you want to, just type in @SharePointBabe on Twitter or Instagram instead and click on Follow. Or subscribe to my YouTube channel, I will post more there shortly. And of course, you can follow me on this blog (and I was about to write Google+ but I actually don’t know if anyone uses that?).

Best regards from a happy SharePointBabe who still loves social media 🙂




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