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I have launched a podcast called “WitGirls Podcast” and it will be hosted by me and my friend Christina. We have both long experience from working with SharePoint/Office365 and also from working within the IT business. I also listen to a lot of podcasts, but there aren’t so many in this world that is run by women. So I thought it could be fun to start sharing our experience and also we will invite guests to the show. In the first two episodes we present us, our background and what we work with. In upcoming shows we will invite guests and also deep dive into issues or apps that we are working on. Or topics related, there aren’t really any rules – I don’t like rules – and we can talk about whatever we feel like. If you would like to be our guest, contact us at witgirlspod@gmail.com. Read more on our website witgirlspod.wordpress.com. You can listen to us on SoundCloud or iTunes. Hope you will enjoy the show, and remember – it’s our thoughts and opinions in the podcast, not Microsoft’s or any other product’s views. We do not have any sponsor. This is for fun and I strongly believe that sharing is caring! Hope to see you on a SharePoint somewhere! Cheers!


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