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In the latest episode (and the last of 2020) of WITGirls podcast I share the process on how to create a chat bot using Power Virtual Agents!

Recently i build my first chat bots using  Power virtual agents and i wanted to share this with you listeners. Power Virtual Agents lets you create powerful chatbots that can answer questions posed by your customers, other employees, or visitors to your website or service.

These bots can be created easily without the need for data scientists or developers. Some of the ways that Power Virtual Agents bots have been used include:

  • Corona information for the employees
  • HR questions
  • Order information and more

I started by going to https://powerva.microsoft.com/

Your bot is created in the default Power Apps environment but you can specify a custom environment if you want. An environment is the storage area.

You will come to a home page where you can see examples, tutorials and guides on how to get started. I just created a new topic which is a dialog tree where you specify what should happen in this chat bot. First you must decide some trigger phrases that are the ones that the users will type to start asking the bot their questions, and my chat bot is built for the HR department so the phrases are related to hr questions like “what are my benefits” or “benefits” or “information about health insurance” etc.I say use as many variations as you can, and the bot will not understand misspellings, so add both shorter sentences as well as specific keywords like “insurance” or “payroll” etc so the bot understands your question when it will run in the chat.  I build the chat bot and the structure but the HR people should be able to train the bot themselves without me having to build it for them. Because they need to alter and add questions and answers so this is a living channel. So once the triggers are in place you can go to authoring canvas which means that you can now start adding questions and messages and all things that shoudl happen in your chat bot.

And it took me an hour to build a new chat bot with quite an extensive dialog tree.

Listen here https://www.witgirlspodcast.com/49-power-virtual-agents/

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