Interview on Coffee with a Geek show

I was interviewed by Andrew Wheelock about my career within IT and my role now at Microsoft. Here are the questions he asked and link to the YouTube show.

Questions: 1. What is your favorite blend of coffee? ans. 1:30 2. How did you end up in a technology field and what is your specific career now? ans. 2:42 3. Can you give me the specifics about what is SharePoint, Power Platform, and your work on now? ans 5:38 4. What is your recommendation for pursuing a career in Technology and what does your day to day work load look like? ans. 8:45 5. Do you think there are a lot of different pathways to get into technology? Can you elaborate? ans. 12:01 6. So tell me about the WiT Podcast, how it started and where it’s going? ans. 13:55 7. Using your crystal ball, where do you see technology going as far as learning and education? ans. 19:39 8. Thoughts on social media and in particular teens? ans. 22:30

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