Filmmaking – my new hobby!

In 2023 I got myself a new hobby – filmmaking! Thanks to my awesome partner who is a director. We made a movie together last year, its called “In the Shadow of the Horns” and it is about the subcultures within extreme metal music. During the year we travelled all over the world to meet bands and talk to them about their ideologies, religion and more. So the movie is not so much about music, it is about their minds. The movie also covers three true crime stories, not the well known like what happened in Norway in the 90’s, but new untold horrible stories. We have reconstructed the stories with actors.

If you like true crime, or are interested in subcultures then this movie is something for you!

Watch it here:

We have summer discount now, so you can watch all movies for a month on the site for only $4.99!

Matt and me on Iceland 2023, filming and interviewing bands
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Hi Lise! Very cool hobby! I will check out your movie, sounds interesting! Like your blog, it has helped me many times, thanks!


Thank you!!