Cannot open Infopath attachments in Outlook 2007

I have built an InfoPath form and web enabled it. Users fill in the form in Internet Explorer and attach a file to it. When they press the “Save” button, a mail is sent to some receivers in Outlook. When they try to open the form, they get the following error:

Enlarged error:
I will try to translate the above error message here: “Infopath cannot open the following file c:documents….” “The file is not a valid xml file”. “The form contains XML that cannot be parsed”. An invalid character was found in the content” and then it complains on the formatting of my attachment field which in this case is “fält2”.
After I press OK on the error message the form opens up as a normal mail, and not in InfoPath as expected:
As you can see, the mail attachment has been converted to an empty textbox!
The attachment is removed, because if I try to open the attached form.xml file I get the same error in InfoPath.
This happens to ALL types of files, except .txt files. If the user attach a .txt file and the form is opened in Outlook, it opens correctly and you can see that attached file:
I have this case at Microsoft right now, and will tell you the solution to this as soon as I get it.
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Kris McClure


Any luck on this issue yet? I am having the same problem with a IFS form deployment. All other forms on the site work fine when emailed to a recipient.


Hi Kris!
No, I have had this case at Microsoft for half a year now – but still no solution in sight! I will post any replies from them that will solve this issue!
Take care,


I have this same message and just got off the phone with a sharepoint group member. He spent an hour or so looking into it and couldn’t solve it. He said that I need to speak with the InfoPath Development team. I’m still waiting for a call back from them. It’s bizarre that only a handful of people are getting this. What kind of environment do you have Lise? WinServ2k3R2, Moss2k7, MSSQL2k5? Do you have any updates on this?


Hi Travis!Thanks for your comment! No, you wouldnt believe for how long time this case has been at Microsoft support… And now that I have changed company they had to close the case… Dude, now there is no solution in sight! The environment is Win server 2003 SP2 with MOSS server (enterprise), one SQL 2005 SP2 (i think it was), MS office 2007, Exchange server 2003, Outlook 2007 clients. I have swedish language templates on the moss installation. I think this problem began when we upgraded our MOSS server from SPS2003. But I am not sure… cant remember anymore, it… Read more »


Yes I get the same exact error as you, except it is in English. And I am in the same exact environment as you. Microsoft Support isn’t being much help either. There are just so many variables that are keeping me from narrowing down the problem. Some of my forms work, some of them don’t. I’m not sure if you had the same results. They did have smiliarities, the ones didn’t work all seemed to be above 9KB… except one form. My attachment error isn’t consistant either, sometimes it’s line 51 position 12, or line 51 position 43, etc. Seems… Read more »