Use a SQL data connection in InfoPath

If you want to receive data from a SQL table directly into a field in InfoPath then do the following. First, create a new library in your SharePoint site using the template ”Data connections library”:

Name the library like “SQLConnections” or something. (Choose not to display it in your QuickLaunch if you want to hide this library):

Open InfoPath and open the form in which you want your new data connection (or you can open a blank form and do the same thing there). Click on “Tools” and “Data connections” and create a new SQL database connection:

Connect to your SQL server:

Select the database:

Finish and your data connection is added. Now, click on “Convert” button:

Enter the URL of your SharePoint site and the Data Connection library that you created before. Remove the “Forms/Allitems.aspx” at the end of the URL and replace that with a filename instead, for example “myconnection.udcx”:

When you finish, you’ll see that the “Convert” button is grey. Press Close to return to the form:

Go to your field where you want to display data from the data connection source:

Publish it and test it in your browser:

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