Add a link inside the webdeleted page

One annoying thing when you delete a site in SharePoint is the page that you are directed to after the deletion, the webdeleted.aspx. For me it is easy, since I know that you must go up into the URL and delete from a certain slash to get back to the site above, but for the user… no not as easy.

So I thought that putting a link that redirects you up one level OR a link that simply closes the window would be great. Well it was easy made and delivers a really good result as well – if I may say so myself, and yes I may! 😀

Remember to copy this page before editing it. And yes it will be overwritten maybe, but those are a few lines, not that hard to remember if that might happen. AND yes I want it to be used on ALL sites.

Find the webdeleted.aspx page
Copy and paste a copy inside the folder, just to be safe 🙂
Open the file in good old Notepad
Add the two following simple links above the last /font tag. One link is a javascript that closes the window and the other link brings you back to the site above and that is done with ../../ tag:

Do NOT enter an entire path, only relative URLs! What this link does, is redirecting you back one level up to the parent site. That will work from any starting point. Now your “Delete web” looks like this instead of a blank page:

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Just a note: If you alter any of the out-of-the-box files in the 12-hive, you're breaking your supported state of the installation.



No! You don't say!! Well obviously you did not read my entire article 😀

I just pointed it out so it wont be forgotten since it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the article about the importance of maintaining a supported state of the installation.


You are too cute 🙂 But I think I wrote the line "And yes it will be overwritten maybe" which everyone who works with SP should now means the 12 hive. One weird thing about that, since you mention it, is that Microsoft themselves actually recommends (!) that you alter pages in the 12 hive if you would like to brand the application pages. Amongst other suggestions they have. Interesting since branding and design those pages means a LOT of work if you compare that with my two lines of links inside this page. Well thanks anyway, hope I see… Read more »