Setup the VPC to use your wireless network

Today I tried to install a Cisco VPN client on my laptop which has Vista 64 installed. I know, but it was not my choice to install Vista, it is my work laptop. So, turns out that there is no client for this, and maybe they will not release one either. So, to be able to connect to a customer with this laptop I thought that I would use my VPC. I changed the settings in my VPC to use the wireless network that I use. Did not work. So I googled it, and this article was really helpful. Turns out that you can install a lookback adapter as a new network connection, and then let that network connection use your physical network connection (the wireless). And only allow that adapter to use the network connection (it does not say that in the article, but it is a setting in Vista). And, yes, I now had network connection in my VPC! I only had to download a cisco client that can be installed on Windows Server 2003 (I used version 4.8.00 but I will not write here were I found it….). You understand! 😀

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Where did you say you got the Cisco version from? tosigt.


Long live the pirates! Save our internet freedom! 😀


Cisco has put all their effort on their newer client "AnyConnect" with SSL authentication. It works perfectly on Vista 64-bit. Of course this requires new expensive licenses from Cisco, so there are still many old ipsec clients out there!

Nice to know you are a pirate 😉