Installation steps SP2013 Preview

Launch the Splash screen

Install the prereq’s

Restart when asked

Continue installation after restart

Then launch Splash screen again, and install SharePoint Server 2013

You will first get this “error” message… you must restart before you can continue installation.

Enter the product key which you will find on this page:
Put the index files on another drive than system drive

I installed as a standalone the first time, but I got a lot of errors and problems so I uninstalled SP again. Installed as a Complete this time

Launch the Config Wizard

Create a new Server farm

 Specify sql db and farm admin account

If you get any SQL connection errors when you press Next here, then make sure the SQL services are running and that you have an instance setup. You need version 10.51.2500 of SQL Express (2008 R2).

Enter the passphrase
Confirm the port and authentication provider

Confirm configuration settings

The configuration tasks starts

Ended up with a Configuration failed and that a restart was necessary. Did that (this because I had upgraded my SQL express to R2 during setup)

Configuration successful

Now let the fun begin!

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