Some LIKES and DISLIKES in SP2013… (more to come)


Metro (or whatever the new design is called)

Yes I like it. Simple, easy but still a bit ugly/boring. Squares, single colors, no shades, no fancy pancy icons, simple colors and BIG characters. Ah well, it is OK 🙂

Import picture from computer

It may not seem as much but it is nice news! You may now import a picture from your computer without first having to upload it into the site….

Design Manager

I like this! This is new with 2013 and a great step forward when it comes to design! Find a shortcut on the Settings menu up in the right corner

Here you have a step by step list on how to change the design of your site

On the first Welcome page you can click on “Pick a pre-installed look” to easily change the theme of your site by choosing between a set of predesigned layouts, just like a blog tool. Although I could not find one theme that I liked, but you can of course create your own. I like the concept! Very nice 🙂 

I tried the pink theme, but huuua! 🙂 Anyway, nice with the Preview and No thanks options 🙂

You can add your own background image and also change color scales, very cool! For those who do not want to dig into the css and html code, this is awesome.

You can create your own design package, click the last link in the Design Manager to generate a wsp file

Knock yourself out 😉

“Sign in as a different user” – removed!!
Why like this Microsoft?! That was one of the best features of the personal menu. I use it a lot to test permissions and to see how a site looks for a Reader for instance. Shit. Found a blog that has the solution, but still – that is not what you want to do!
Here is how it looks default, “Sign in as a different user” is gone
And after modifying Welcome.ascx (which is a non recommendation and a crappy solution!)
User Profile Services
I still miss a link back to “Manage service applications” from the User Profile Service App. The two most used service apps are Search and User Profiles, at least in my server farm. I am using bookmarks for these…
A bit disappointing that the user profiles app has not been improved. There are a lot of things that could be better, for instance speed of the AD connection. Come on, that should be lightning fast, but in SharePoint it takes for ever after you have setup your connection (if you want to edit your AD containers for instance… zzzz). Also the filters could be easier to set.
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